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Our approach to digital transformation is based on an industry and customer perspective. Bringing change to your entire organization is our goal. To achieve this, all departments should be aligned. Consequently, we help you maximize profitability, agility, and efficiency. Our solution set includes frameworks, accelerators, and solutions. Our innovation support programs are designed to keep up with the pace of innovation. As a result, you can maintain high performance in a constantly changing digital environment

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We strive to bring maximum advantages to our clients through a team of professionals.

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Specialists with experience only. Our mission is to help our customers run their businesses more efficiently.

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Ready for a Functional Transformation?

Business performance must be continuously improved due to increasing competition. Rethinking how the workforce operates has been necessary as a result of new ways of working. Risk reduction is also a priority.

We need to start thinking about transformation right now. It can be approached in countless ways, but it can only be achieved in a handful of ways. You can maximize the value of each of your business functions by focusing on functional transformation; whether it's HR, Finance, or Supply Chain.

  • Develop Agile functions that evolve as your company grows based on leading practices.
  • Provide your employees with the tools they need to embrace change and adopt it.
  • You can transform the way you run your business by leveraging the best technology for value and performance.
  • Utilize data for competitive advantage and optimize service delivery.
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About us

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Using Virtuxient to transform the enterprise allows each business function to view its world in a completely new way, creating a SaaS-based digital operating model that works across HR, Finance, Cyber, Marketing, Sales, Service, Procurement, and Risk.

Companies worldwide are facing challenges surrounding many internal processes as we move into the new reality. The ability to execute on demand is critical to being agile and responsive.

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Our Services

ServiceNow and Virtuxient have partnered to deliver solutions to you in these areas

Our team assists with the solution of non standard and complex problems, as well as solving problems that require an integrated approach and the participation of subject matter experts

IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITSM( Information Technology Service Management) is a crucial segment of IT operations in collaboration of all sizes. As enterprises come more reliant on technology, it becomes progressively significant to possess a set of operations and procedures in place to assure that IT services provide efficiently and effectively to reach business necessities.
The ServiceNow platform supplies Virtuxient members with tried-and-true expertise throughout all areas of company operations, especially IT. Virtuxient can offer outstanding business transformation programs that meet your business needs by utilizing the ServiceNow platform. They Deliver dependable services that raise productivity. No matter where your associate work, it supplies incredible experiences on a single cloud platform, and everlasting technology across the organization.

Cyber Security Operations (SecOps) and GRC

Cybersecurity Operations, also well known as SecOps, is the procedure of handling and mollifying cyber dangers to an association's digital assets. It involves the use of numerous tools, methods, and finest practices to monitor, discover, and respond to security circumstances in real time. Governance, Risk, and Compliance( GRC) is an infrastructure that helps associations to manage dangers and compliance conditions associated with cybersecurity. Together, SecOps and GRC deliver a complete approach to cybersecurity that ensures the security of an institution's wealth and fame. There are numerous threats and difficulties associated with data protection members of Virtuxient build up a deep understanding of the threats associated with SecOps and GRC. Our ServiceNow platform makes it fluent for you to rapidly implement a transformation trip that is nearly aligned with your aims and targets.

HR Service Management (HRSM)

HR Service Management is a set of trials and tools that permit HR crews to handle their service delivery to jobholders more effectively. It involves the use of technology to automate and streamline HR operations comparable to onboarding, advantages authority, and hand connection. By embracing HR Service Management, associations can enhance worker expertise, boost productivity, and degrade HR-related expenses. There are multiple man-made operations in heritage HR systems that slow productivity and value money. These involve catalogs, mail documentation, phone queries, and many others, unlike primer procedures. You can automate standard HR operations, track inquiries, and watch progress with Virtuxient member companies that can help HR run more efficiently.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT Asset Management is the practice of handling an association's IT means throughout its lifecycle. It involves shadowing, monitoring, and optimizing tackle and software wealth to insure that they're being applied effectively and efficiently. By embracing IT Asset Management, associations can enrich their IT governance, demote expenses, and assure compliance with governmental demands. It's essential to be able to maintain track of your portfolio of IT assets so that you witness where the wealth is, who's applying them, and how major they fetch your association. A correct image of your IT assets is significant- one that recognizes where the wealth is, who uses them, and what they cost, asset essentials alike as contractual terms, fiscal costs associated with the asset, and budget details on physical substance.

Customer Service Management (CSM)

Customer Service Management is the operation of handling client relations to secure that clients get high-grade service and support. It involves the usage of technology to handle client queries, complaints, and feedback, and to give personified and operative service. By taking on client Service operations, associations can upgrade client satisfaction, rise client faithfulness, and distinguish themselves from challengers. It's necessary to deliver the finest guest experience to be successful. ServiceNow and Virtuxient can keep your guests satisfied, help you solve consequences, and help inquiries before they take place. In addition to supplying a better client experience, we can assist you to automate and degrade the number of cases your agents manage by joining branches, workflows, and systems.

IT Business Management (ITBM)

IT business management is the process of handling an organization's technology resources to reach its planned aim and objectives. It includes the productive use of information technology to support and enrich business processes, enlarge customer service, and amend operations. It's vital to be suitable to keep track of your portfolio of IT means so that you know where the means are, who's utilizing them, how crucial they fetch you to handle demand, how to divert spending to critical areas, and how to quicken time to worth and productivity as work procedures extend. We can assist Vituxient professionals in distinguishing how IT can, and should, be run as a custom by applying ServiceNow ITBM.

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