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Our approach to digital transformation is based on an industry and customer perspective. Bringing change to your entire organization is our goal. To achieve this, all departments should be aligned. Consequently, we help you maximize profitability, agility, and efficiency. Our solution set includes frameworks, accelerators, and solutions. Our innovation support programs are designed to keep up with the pace of innovation. As a result, you can maintain high performance in a constantly changing digital environment

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We strive to bring maximum advantages to our clients through a team of professionals.

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Specialists with experience only. Our mission is to help our customers run their businesses more efficiently.

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Ready for a Functional Transformation?

Business performance must be continuously improved due to increasing competition. Rethinking how the workforce operates has been necessary as a result of new ways of working. Risk reduction is also a priority.

We need to start thinking about transformation right now. It can be approached in countless ways, but it can only be achieved in a handful of ways. You can maximize the value of each of your business functions by focusing on functional transformation; whether it's HR, Finance, or Supply Chain.

  • Develop Agile functions that evolve as your company grows based on leading practices.
  • Provide your employees with the tools they need to embrace change and adopt it.
  • You can transform the way you run your business by leveraging the best technology for value and performance.
  • Utilize data for competitive advantage and optimize service delivery.
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About us

Explore Powered Functions:

Using Virtuxient to transform the enterprise allows each business function to view its world in a completely new way, creating a SaaS-based digital operating model that works across HR, Finance, Cyber, Marketing, Sales, Service, Procurement, and Risk.

Companies worldwide are facing challenges surrounding many internal processes as we move into the new reality. The ability to execute on demand is critical to being agile and responsive.

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Our Services

ServiceNow and Virtuxient have partnered to deliver solutions to you in these areas

Our team assists with the solution of non standard and complex problems, as well as solving problems that require an integrated approach and the participation of subject matter experts

IT Service Management (ITSM)

The ServiceNow platform offers Virtuxient members tried-and-tested expertise in the business of IT and entire business operations. By leveraging the ServiceNow platform, Virtuxient can deliver exceptional business transformation programs that satisfy your business needs.

Cyber Security Operations (SecOps) and GRC

There are an endless number of risks and challenges associated with information security. Members of Virtuxient gain a deep understanding of the risks associated with SecOps and GRC. Our ServiceNow platform makes it easy for you to quickly implement a transformation journey that's closely aligned with your goals and objectives.

HR Service Management (HRSM)

There are many manual procedures in legacy HR systems that slow productivity and cost money. These include checklists, email validations, phone calls, and various other manual processes. You can automate standard HR processes, track requests, and monitor progress with Virtuxient member firms that can help HR run more efficiently.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

It is vital to be able to keep track of your portfolio of IT assets so that you know where the assets are, who is using them, and how much they cost your organization. An accurate picture of your IT assets is critical - one that identifies where the assets are, who uses them, and what they cost, asset requirements such as contractual terms, financial costs associated with the asset, and inventory details on physical assets.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

It is vital to be able to keep track of your portfolio of IT assets so that you know where the assets are, who is using them, how much they cost you to manage demand, how to redirect spending to critical areas, and how to accelerate time to value and productivity as work processes unfold. We can help Vituxient professionals identify how IT can, and should, be run as a business by utilizing ServiceNow ITBM.

Customer Service Management (CSM)

It is imperative to provide the best customer experience to be successful. ServiceNow and Virtuxient can keep your customers happy, help you solve issues, and prevent calls before they happen. In addition to providing a better customer experience, we can help you automate and reduce the number of cases your agents handle by connecting departments, workflows, and systems.

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